Green Living is Just Living

I have been immersed in this “green” movement for at least 15 years since I majored in Environmental Studies while going to the University of Colorado at Boulder.  It probably started before that, though.  I remember picking up trash while we were out on hikes as a family, and leaving our campground better than we found it when we went on weekend camping trips.  My parents grew fresh fruits and veggies in our garden, and while some may disagree with this, we ate organic meat that my dad shot each hunting season.  My dad would also remind us to to turn the thermostat down to “6-0” before we went to bed at night. 

In addition to the things I learned as a child, these days:

  • I drive a hybrid.
  • I recycle more than I contirbute to the landfill.
  • I bring my own bags…to every store.
  • I buy organic.
  • I shop at local farmers markets.
  • I have replaced every bulb I can with a CFL.
  • I use a programable thermostat.
  • I plan and group my outings…even using right hand turns in my routes as frequently as possible. 

These things, and more, are just living, and I don’t even think of them as being a part of  “green” living.

Currently, I am struggling with the term “green”.  I have been fighting with it while updating my “Services” page on the Stephany Taddeo Interior Design website…how do I market “green” without using the word “green”?  To me, just like “green” living is just living;  “green” interior design is just interior design.

One thought on “Green Living is Just Living

  1. Bets says:

    Earth Friendly? Kermit-like? Caveman-Style? Carbon Footprint Minimizing? Lime? Opposite of Red? GO Earth! Responsible Living? Cootie Free?

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