Bring on the PINK!

We decided to find out the gender of our second child due in September.  Yesterday, at 2:20, I emptied my bladder and then proceeded to fill it back up with 16-20 ounces of water in preparation for our 3:20 ultrasound.  Ryan met the little guy and me at the OB’s office, and we waited until my name was called.  It was a really long wait for me!

While sitting in the waiting room Ryan said, “Are you sure we want to find out?”

We did not find out the gender of our little guy until he was born on July 5, 2007.  We agreed that was one of the “last good surprises” you can have in life.  It was a great surprise to find out that we had a little boy…that was definitely what Ryan was hoping for (and I really was, too)!  The first thing I said to Ryan in the operating room (I had an emergency c-section) was, “You got your little boy!”

This time it is different.  I want to PLAN!  My days are filled with chasing the little guy around, keeping the 3 dogs out of trouble, and many other household tasks.  Ryan thinks I sit around and eat bon-bon’s all day while watching my “stories”, but I tend to disagree.  At any rate, I want to know if we keep the boy stuff, or pass it on to friends who have recently had (or will have) little boys?  Do we “need” to add some pink to the nursery?  Does Ryan need to get used to the idea that baby #2 might be a girl (again, he is hoping for a boy)?  In addition, we can prepare the little guy not just for a baby, but a little brother or sister!

So, we got called in by the ultrasound tech, I got the goop on my tummy and away she went!  We didn’t have to wait too long, but she did check on a few things before she double checked that we wanted to find out the gender.  And…she’s a girl!  I had a “feeling” that we were having a girl this time, but Ryan asked the tech how sure she was about the gender!  She said she would never say 100%, but that she was 99.9% sure this baby is a little girl.  I think Ryan was in shock.  I am sure the concept will sink in by September, but I am glad that we found out now instead of waiting until then.  I am excited to have one of each, but it will take some getting used to after only knowing little boy raising for the last almost-2-years!

So, after I am done with the little guys “big boy” room, we will have to bring on the PINK in the nursery!

4 thoughts on “Bring on the PINK!

  1. Ryan says:

    Well, I don’t think that eating bon-bons and watching your “stories” is ALL you do during the day, just most of what you do! 🙂 Of course, I am kidding (before I get attacked by anyone reading this blog), I know that you are very busy raising our son, and all of the other tasks that come with that and running the house! Geez….

  2. Grandpa Topher Catlin says:

    Little girls are magic! I know because I had two wonderful little girls. Ryan does not know it now, but he will love her. I believe he will learn a lot!

  3. Bets says:

    Having a little girl is absolutely the best thing ever, no pee pee guarding while changing diapers, not as loud (most of the time) can dress up in pink frillies and also boy clothes – can’t do that with little boys. I have had the most amazing almost 2 years w/my little girl and it’s always an introspective journey having a child of the same sex-I have so much respect for our mother having 2 of us at once!

    Ryan will be amazed at how much he’ll love his little girl, you’ll finally get the cuddler you always wanted (I think) and she’ll be absolutely beautiful and Reece will have to learn martial arts to keep the boys away!

    We love you and are sooooooooo happy for you!
    What’s the color scheme for baby whats-her-name’s room?

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