Green Tree

Did you know that cutting (or buying) a real tree that is “farmed” just for Christmas is greener than a fake tree made from plastics?!

Here are some photos from our annual trip to Sleighbells to cut our Christmas tree.

Ryan and the little guy in search of the perfect Christmas tree!

Photo op…or as close as we are going to get!

Our personal lumberjack!


6 thoughts on “Green Tree

  1. Rick says:

    I’ve got 30 years on your lumberjack (and an old guy’s back) and I will admit it was a bit of a struggle squatting a couple of inches from the ground and sawing away at a young sap-filled trunk that kept “locking” my saw, BUT it was fun taking home the world’s most beautiful Colorado Blue Spruce. My hat’s off to all who cut their own live tree! A pox on those who put up artificial! Hmmm . . When do the sales begin for those artificial trees????

  2. kathy says:

    I’ll be fine if the woodcutter I’m married to wants an artificial tree… however, I plan to lobby (again) for a live tree next year, or if I’m unsuccessful, a tree that someone else cut… there’s something about a real tree in the house… smells and looks like a woods. We are lucky to have a woods behind us and in January we drag our tree across the creek and put it there for a windbreak for the animals (and a toy for the kids the following summer…). R knows that the artificial tree needs to be stored in his side of the closet, so we’ll see what happens in January… nice pictures… beautiful family! KMN

  3. Nancy Larson says:

    Our family’s favorite and most long enduring tradition (pronounced turdition by Andrew) is to cut a tree and race to Julie’s for breakfast/brunch. I come come from a long line of live tree people, but now my parents have succumbed to an artificial tree, which is the end of their era. I am going to fight on to preserve this tradition as long as there are trees to cut. Plus, the greenest tree cutting is the forest thinning kind and the extended Catlin/Larson family and assorted friends always make a dent in that forest!

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