2010 Goals

I’m all about goal setting.  I have always set goals as an individual…my parents taught me to do that at a young age.  It is satisfying to set a goal and reach it…with a straight path, or many detours!  Each year I write goals for myself.  We also write goals as a couple and, now that I think of it, should write goals as a family.

On a smaller scale, I am a list maker.  I consider these micro-goals.  Each day there are micro-goals and they will probably help to achieve the larger goals that have been set.  That’s a whole other post in and of itself!

At any rate, one of the goals I have for myself is to post to this blog on a regular basis.  If not for you, the readers (made up of mainly family and friends), but for myself and my kids.  I don’t keep baby books, journal only occasionally, and want to make sure that I document as much of their young lives as I can.  Here, I can do that, and share it with you.

So, in addition to uploading photos to Shutterfly and sending out a link once a month, I also have a goal to post to this blog at least once a week.  I’m putting this in writing for all of you to see.  Hold me to it!  That is your goal!

4 thoughts on “2010 Goals

  1. Betsy says:

    I know we were brought up by the same parents and also know that at some point setting goals and all that other structured stuff was bestowed upon our young brains but I honestly cannot remember ever setting goals let alone taking the steps to achieve them! I think I have about 13 journals from over the years, most have about 6 entries before I got bored with the color or size or spacing of lines and any goal-like ideas they contained were also abandoned. My “to-do” lists are mainly because I can’t remember what it is I need to do and have to have record of it somewhere so that when I’m in the kitchen at 3 pm wondering why I’m in the kitchen I can at least glance to see if I scrawled something that may explain my location. I’ve always admired your organizational skills and ability to accomplish things that take time, patience, hard work and discipline and although I have found ways around the usual protocol I still am so proud and envious of your abilities! We’re blood and are so alike in so many ways and so different it’s like we were raised on different planets but either way you are my awesome big sister and I think you rule!

    • Stephany says:

      Thank you, Betsy.
      The thing that keeps me organized is my goals and lists. Without them, my mind wanders and I also can forget what I am doing!
      I think you rule, too!

  2. Aunt Tracy says:

    I am just like you. I LOVE my lists. They not only help me keep organized but they also make me feel like I’ve accomplished something on days when I feel like I’ve done nothing!!!

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