{milestones} the little guy is two and a half and baby girl is four months

This week the little guy turned 2-1/2 and baby girl is now 4 months old!

The Little Guy at 2-1/2:

  • Has all of his teeth and cannot use them as an excuse to get “medness” (medicine) and prolong the bedtime routine.
  • Fed ducks down at the park and the “mommy duck” ate bread out of his hand.
  • Loves to watch himself in videos made on the Flip…loves to sing, dance, and mimic his favorite TV character (of the moment), Caillou.
  • Has gone 2 days in a row this weekend without a wet diaper…we may be moving on to underpants!
  • Is an awesome big brother and very patient and kind to his little sister…except when she needs to eat.  He says. “Mommy no feed baby girl.”

Baby Girl at 4 months :

  • Eats all the time and gets mommy up multiple times a night…I hope she learns the benefits of sleep, too!
  • Rolled over from her tummy to her back 3 times in a row yesterday.
  • Smiles A LOT…she is such a happy baby!
  • Had mommy laughing tonight after her bath because she was giggling as I was putting lotion on her face!

6 thoughts on “{milestones} the little guy is two and a half and baby girl is four months

  1. Poppa says:

    I really can’t believe how quickly Lorelai is changing, it seems so much faster than Reece, and what a loving, brave, thoughtful and fun young man Reece is becoming! We are two very lucky parents….and I’m sure every other parent out there says the same thing, but we REALLY are the lucky ones! 🙂

  2. Aunt Tracy says:

    Those are two beautiful children!! I love the updates and I look forward to hearing them. I’ll show them to the boys too.
    It’s ironic that each stage has its difficult parts (lack of sleeping, temper tantrums, whatever) and when you are living through them they can be quite hard but when you are past them and you look back, all you feel is that you miss them.
    So glad they are both doing so well. We all love you and miss you.
    Tracy and the boys

  3. kathy says:

    wow! when did she stop sleeping 8 hours in a row… Lorelai must be in a growth spurt… we’re very proud of Reece for working so hard to be a big boy now… we’ll have to hunt for some special big boy underwear to celebrate the occasion! Thanks for the posts and the beautiful photos and for Skype… all help us feel connected to our beautiful west-coast grandchildren. We love you all! KMomNana

  4. kathy says:

    I don’t think I sent my comment on your interior design blog correctly, but I’ll just say I loved the photo of your family room and how you’ve integrated your design passion into your family life right now… I’m proud of you for keeping up in your profession with all your reading and projects and you will assuredly be ready when opportunities to use them open up and when your time opens up too. xxoo Kmom

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