say a little prayer

The little guy wanted to say a prayer before he ate his dinner last night.  Actually, he had already started eating it and told us that at school they say a prayer for their food at snack time. I told him he could always say a prayer for his food at home, too.  So he did.  He said a prayer for his hot dog, his raspberries, his plate, the phone, the lightbulb, the refrigerator, the stockings, the TV, the couch, the counter, the chair, and a long list of other things in the room. He even said, “…and thanks for the duck we shot…” regarding the stuffed Mallard my husband shot that is on a bookshelf in the family room. Finally, after his beautiful, long prayer he said, “Aaaaaa-men.”

Melted my heart.

On a similar note, the little guy was so excited to share his new book with his class yesterday and today.  It’s the children’s bible that they use at his preschool (which I bought from the preschool). He thinks I magically knew the exact book they read at circle time and found it for him, though.  At any rate, he took it to school yesterday AND today to show his teachers.  On Wednesdays, he goes to an optional “Create and Play” class that we call “Wednesday School”.  At Wednesday School he took it out of his backpack at some point during the morning, and I was lucky to find it on a counter when I was grabbing his backpack and coat. Today, he went to his “Regular School” and took his bible out of his backpack right when we got there.  He enthusiastically showed his teacher.  When I picked him up after lunch, he (and his teacher) told me that he got to share it at circle time and they read their bible story from *his* book.  I could tell that it made him feel really special.

I felt special too.

I wasn’t raised going to church. We went on Easter and Christmas…some years. We didn’t not believe in God, we just didn’t go to church.  Part of the reason that I bought the bible was so I could read the stories and talk to him about them at home.  He was coming home telling me about baby Moses and bad kings, and I had no idea what he was talking about! My husband and I wanted to have him introduced to spirituality and religion (heck, we promised God in a Catholic Church when we said our vows that we would raise our children to believe in God), but I can’t do it myself (the religion part) because I don’t know anything about it! It makes me feel good that I found a preschool that can add to his life in this way.

Home is…being thankful for the teachers that can teach the little guy things that I can’t.

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