an expanding vocabulary

Baby girl is adding to her vocabulary.  Currently, anything that is alive and not a person is a “doggie”. Everything else is “nana”. She also calls me “momma” (which is alright with me).  She has been know to say “poppa” on occasion, but a lot of the time he is “momma”, too.

Recently, she added another word (I was trying to figure out if it is a noun, pronoun, proper noun, etc….if, after you read this, you know please tell me…this especially applies to my father-in-law, the former high school english teacher).

She was getting into some frames with photos in them that I have been meaning to hang up on the wall (for months).  I took the frame from her and said, “That’s your big brother at his first Christmas.”

She replied, “Bo-bo.”

I said, “Yes, that’s your big brother.”

Again, she said, “Bo-bo.”

Sounds like the little guy just got a new nickname.

home is…an expanding vocabulary and sibling nicknames.

*My little sister couldn’t say Stephany, but could say “Ne-ne”, so that was the beginning of my sibling nicknames (which evolved throughout the years).  Did your sibling have a nickname for you?  If so, what was it?  Did it change throughout the years?  Do they still call you by your nickname?

2 thoughts on “an expanding vocabulary

  1. Fil says:

    My guess is she can imitate the first sound of “big brother” and it comes out “bo bo.” That would be proper noun. Speaking of which, English not english). Sorry . . . it’s in the blood.

  2. stephany @ home is what you make it says:

    Thanks, FiL. Yeah, she is definitely trying to mimic the sound of “Big Brother”.
    I am sure that a lot of my grammar and writing mistakes on this blog get under your skin. I’m planning a post about my “blog voice” and why/how I write the way I write…stay tuned.

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