happy birthday to my dad!

Today is my dad’s birthday.

the little guy and Topher

Here is what he posted on his Facebook Page:

“Thank you for all the fun birthday wishes. At this point in my life i am glad to have a birthday every year, sure beats the alternative! Life is grand …”

My dad knows how to enjoy life…cars, trips, skiing, hunting, camping, hiking, wine, food, and general having of fun.

For some reason this picture of my dad keeps popping into my mind…

My sister and I were probably in 5th and 6th grade and skateboards were the hot thing.  Dad came home from work one summer day at lunchtime and took my sister and I to the skate shop to buy us skateboards. I even remember him skating down the hill in front of our house on those skateboards. That’s what kind of dad he was/is.  We had good toys…mountain bikes, skis, snowboards.  He was strict, but most of all, he wanted us to have fun!  And, we did!

Happy Birthday, Dad!  I love you!

home is…having the best dad in the world!

2 thoughts on “happy birthday to my dad!

  1. Dad says:

    Thank you Stephany! Life without fun is not an alternative for me. You know I can’t sit still, I need something to do and toys always provide something to do. Surround yourself with toys, ask others to join you in the fun and act like a 16 year old all the time! I think I still have one of the skateboards in the house too … but I use it as a furniture mover and not a way to crack my head like when I rode it down Costilla Circle when it was new …

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