doing something for myself

I’ve written about how I write like I talk, but I haven’t actually written about why I write (except here).

I chose to take the post a day 2011 challenge because I want to see what it will do for me. If you choose to read my blog I am thankful and I hope it adds something to your day. If you don’t, I’m OK with that, too.

I wonder what writing everyday will do for me. Will my writing get better? Will it change? Will I figure out what I want this blog to really be about?

I know it will do one thing. It will be something for my kids to read when they wonder what life was like “way back then”.

I hope that my writing will inspire others in some way. A friend of mine told me the other day that she is proud of me for blogging everyday. She said that she doesn’t have that much to write about. I told her that she does. We all do. We all lead interesting, different, challenging lives. What we live through, as mundane as we think it may be, may help somebody else get through a similar situation. We might make people laugh, cry, think, talk, or change.

I am writing for myself, but I hope that my writing will be something for others to look forward to reading as well.

home is…doing something for yourself.

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