something’s gotta give

Internet is back up, but I’m not productive today. Blame it on the Superbowl!

No post about the new Boden catalog…I will get to that later this week.

I did spend more than half the day yesterday with a good girl friend…we went treasure hunting. It was a lot of fun. No big purchases for me. I didn’t even take any photos!

It is frustrating to me that when I take time for myself, which is important and makes me feel good, that lots of other things don’t get done. The house is a mess, the laundry is only getting done because my husband is doing it (and usually does because it is not a huge priority of mine and is a bigger priority for him).

I spent today playing with the kids this morning, arguing with my husband before lunch, going to the grocery store with baby girl before naptime, finally getting to go on a short run (30 minutes) during naptime, and then it was time for the Superbowl.  I wanted to sit down, have snacks made, and enjoy the game.  No snacks, and the only way I could sit and watch the game was to give the little guy my iphone to play with because he did not want to watch football and really wanted to play dinosaur which I was tired of playing. I feel so guilty for all the “screen time” that he has had, but he (and his sister) are so needy and there is only so much I can give!

So, the weekend is gone and I feel guilty for going with my girl friend yesterday morning, not being able to spend quality time with the family, am not making my husband happy. Blech! Not the way I like to feel on a Sunday night.

home is…feeling like something’s gotta give.

2 thoughts on “something’s gotta give

  1. Melissa says:

    Don’t beat yourself up. You deserve time out. Every parent does. It refreshes you as a person and also shows your kids you have interests outside just being Mom. Laundry, messy houses etc won’t be the things your kids will remember, they will remember all the good times you have together.

  2. kathy says:

    You did your best yesterday… ok maybe you don’t think your best was very good, but it was the best you could do given the day’s demands, circumstances, etc. So you’ll plan for a better day today and at the end of the day today’s best will be better than yesterday’s… oh, and don’t forget to note the days when you did your best and it was phenomenal! ILY

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