{tuesdays with lola}

On Tuesday morning baby girl and I have the entire morning to spend together.

If you remember from my {get moving…} post from last week, Tuesday is a running day on my exercise routine. You may also know that I have mixed it up lately and go to a class on Tuesday evening and run on Wednesday.

One of the reasons I have made this change is to spend some quality time with baby girl.

One on one time that we rarely get together.

We drop the little guy off at school, go get a bagel, and then head over to the library for the Fun for Ones storytime.

I love to watch her show her 17-month old independence.  Of course, it is always nice when she comes back to sit in momma’s lap for a snuggle.

home is…spending tuesday morning with my baby girl, lola.

5 thoughts on “{tuesdays with lola}

  1. kathy says:

    Lola looks so grown up… and of course I can’t get the Kinks’ song out of my head now! Is that now the official nickname?

  2. Ryan Taddeo says:

    I think it’s nice the way you’ve been able to schedule some time just for her. I remember feeling a bit melancholy after she was born, knowing that we’d no longer be able to just focus entirely on R. Of course, I was happy and excited, but if you’ve had more than one kid you probably know the feeling. I was a little embarrassed at first, but surprised (I don’t know why) to find out from friends that many (if not all) of them went through similar feelings. By finding some time that is just for one I think we can still have those feelings of “special time” with our kids. Anyhow, nice job on making the time for it. I am sure she enjoys it just as much as you do!

  3. Diva T says:

    BEAUTIFUL….Baby Girl!! 17 months already…even more of a blessing that you get to spend these one on one days together!! It makes me smile to see the joy in her face and the activities you do with her (both R and L)–you are a great mommy Steph. And Ryan–I enjoy reading your comments on Stephs blogs—you are a big part of why and how Steph and your children are so happy!! So question….is her nickname – Lola?? cute!! xoxo

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