pieces of me: october 2003

A couple of things happened in October 2003.

The first of which was I found out I was pregnant on October 10th. It was not planned or expected. I was terrified to tell Ryan. I had just spent 3 years going back to school for my Interior Design degree. I was looking forward to finding a job. And, financially, we really needed me to be back at work. This was not in our plan.

We met at a parking lot near our home (I can’t remember if we had an appointment at the bank, or if we just met there).  I started crying and told him. He was in shock, but hugged me tight and said it would be okay.

We decided to keep it to ourselves until we had a grasp on it and felt comfortable telling our family and friends.

We never told them.

Later that month I went up to my parents house to spend some time with them. It was a weekday and my dad was home working on some home projects. My mom had been to the doctors that morning for some tests. I could tell something was not right. I finally got them to tell me that my mom had a biopsy to check a lump in her breast. They didn’t want to worry us and were waiting to find out the results of the biopsy before they said anything to my sister or me.

A couple days later my mom called me to tell me she had breast cancer. Sadly, I don’t remember what type, or stage, or the details. All I remember is being in shock.

The realization that life could be created, and possibly taken away, so unexpectedly was a lot to handle.

home is…not being ready for the unexpected.

6 thoughts on “pieces of me: october 2003

  1. Ryan Taddeo says:

    I still think it was cute, in a very different way, that you were scared to tell me. I was nervous about the unexpected changes, but so excited too. I’d say it ended up just perfectly.

  2. Kerri Truesdell says:

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I admire how brave you are to be so open about some of the things you have faced in your life. This particular post resonated with me since I too found out my mom had breast cancer when I was pregnant with Dylan. It was halfway through my pregnancy that I found out and the whole year 2006 is kind of a blur to me because I also found out my cousin, who was like a sister to me had cervical cancer. Thankfully they caught the cancer early with my mom and she is a breast cancer survivor. My cousin passed away 3 years later. Thank you for sharing pieces of you and know that your words make a difference to many of us who may be struggling with certain challenges. I look forward to reading more of your stories!

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