{milestones} baby girl is one and a half

I haven’t written a milestones post in 6 months.

It seems that everyday there is something new and I want to try to make a point of writing milestones posts for the kids on a more regular basis.

Today we saw the pediatrician for baby girls 18 month well visit.

Here are the official stats:

Weight: 24 lbs 2 oz (47th percentile)

Height: 31 inches (27th percentile)

She received her 1st MMR vaccine today as there has been an outbreak of Measles in the Portland/Vancouver area in the last month. Our pediatrician, who follows a modified immunization schedule as written about in The Vaccine Book by Dr. Robert Sears (and usually puts of the 1st MMR vaccine until after age 2) has recommended that any unvaccinated children over 12 months of age should get the MMR vaccine to protect the public (and our children). So, I tend to follow his direction when he urges us to get a vaccination that he would normally suggest waiting on.

She also got a prick on her finger to get a blood test for food sensitivity. She never drank breastmilk, formula, or milk from a bottle (although, I did breast feed her until she was 13 months) and still refuses to drink any kind of milk (cow, soy, etc.). She also spit up after every meal for the 1st five months of her life! This gave her a terrible rash on her neck and upper chest. She now has eczema on her upper chest/lower neck and has developed some redness around her mouth. She also tends to get congestion in her throat and a “productive” cough on a regular basis (with no other cold symptoms and clear lungs). The nurse and pediatrician thought that all of this could be attributed to a food sensitivity (not allergy) of some kind. So, I figured that if we could find out what might cause the flare ups then we could try to avoid it in her diet. We will have to wait to find out the results!

As far as the “normal development” of an 18 month old is concerned, she is right on track…

So, our next visit will be in one month to receive the vaccinations that we did not receive today due to getting the MMR instead. Then we are on to the yearly well visits from here on out. It’s hard to believe how quickly they go from an infant to a toddler to a preschooler…I can’t even think past that right now!

After our visit to the doctors this morning we took a trip to Target to get some goodies for our upcoming trip to Colorado to visit my family. I will be blogging about that all next week. It will be the first time that we take both kids on an airplane…and my first trip on an airplane in over 2 years!

We also made a stop at Cook Park to play on the playground which I had promised to the little guy if he was a good boy at the doctors and Target. Seriously, the kids have been amazingly good all day today. I have not had to say “No” or “Stop” once!

Now, if you excuse me I am going to go knock on some wood!

home is…meeting “milestones” and being “normal”…whatever “those” and “that” may be!

2 thoughts on “{milestones} baby girl is one and a half

  1. peggy says:

    Steph…Kyle was exactly the same. His sensitivities were odd to me after Kara had none of that. He did have skin allergies to nickel and would break out if any of the gripper snaps or Osh Kosh buckles cam in contact with his skin. Can’t wait to see you in Colorado!

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