I’m sick.


Ryan is out of town for work.

The little guy is on Spring Break.

And, we are getting ready to leave to go to Colorado in two days.

The timing couldn’t be better. {being facetious here}

But at the same time, I guess it could be worse.

Both kids could be sick, too.

You know that knocking on wood that I said I was going to do at the end of yesterday’s post. I didn’t do it.

I’ve learned my lesson.

home is…really knocking on wood this time. hear it? {knock! knock! knock!}

2 thoughts on “sick

  1. kathy says:

    oh, no… good thing your husband is going along on the outgoing flight to help while you are not feeling so well… dayquil and nyquil work for me!

  2. Steph says:

    Do you want to come over for dinner tonight? That way you do not need to think about that. Or if you need to drop the kiddos with me tomorrow afternoon, you can do that and finish packing.

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