{colorado} day 7

Friday morning Topher (my dad) stayed home to have a leisurely breakfast and spend time with the kids and me before he had to go down to Denver for work.

Topher took the kids outside to say good morning to the deer as the sun was rising.

We enjoyed breakfast together.

And did a little bumper throwing for the dogs.

Baby girl and Meme played upstairs while the little guy helped Topher get ready for work.

While baby girl took a nap the little guy made up games while playing outside on the decks.

And, we took a walk in the open space to look for treasures and pick up trash blown around by the wind.

We made it to the airport just fine on Friday afternoon. Meme helped us get all our “stuff” inside DIA, get checked in, and get to security. The little guy was very upset about saying goodbye to Meme. He was so brave getting through security and helped my take care of baby girl while I got all of out things together to get on the train and to Concourse A for our flight. {My mom told me she was watching through a window and wished she had her camera because it was so cute how he was taking care of his baby sister.}

The flight was rather uneventful. Baby girl cried a bit, the little guy asked “are we there yet?” multiple times, but they were very well behaved for the most part. I even figured out that the three of us CAN fit into an airplane lavatory! It is busy when you travel alone with two young kids. Definitely no time for reading magazines, sleeping, listening to music, or working on your computer.

We were the first ones onto the plane and the last ones off.

When we got off the jetway the kids were ready to RUN!

We finally made it to the security exit and they were holding hands when the little guy saw Poppa.

He yelled, “Poppa!” and was off running!

Baby girl figured out who he was and ran to him as well. I wish I had been behind him with a camera!

It felt good to be home.

The little guy was sitting in his cair in the playroom this morning after breakfast. He was quiet and I walked over to him.

He said, “I want to be at Meme and Tophers.”

I said, “It’s sad when we have to say goodbye to the people we love, isn’t it?”

We hugged and then talked about how we would see them again in July when they come to visit us. For today, July is not soon enough, but we will get back to life and July will be here before the little guy knows it.

Until then, we can look at the photos (all 600+ of them) and relive our wonder-filled adventure in Colorado!

home is…making memories.

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