some days

I didn’t really plan to be, but guess what?

I’m a blogger.

Although, I don’t blog for an audience.

I bet there are some of you, my audience, who might beg to differ.

Well, differ away.

I blog for myself.

Writing is cathartic.

Taking photographs is a joy.

Putting the words and photos together is something I love to do.

Even if it is just for this year.

Some days are just darn good.

Some days are frustrating.

Some days are reflective.

Some days are funny.

Some days are full of accomplishment.

Some days are dirty.

Some days we don’t get much done.

Some days are wishful.

Some days are better than others.

Some days I’m happy.

Some days I’m sad.

Some days give inspiration to others.

Some days seem so long ago.


Everyday I am thankful.

Everyday I am full of love for my family.

Everyday I am happy for the life that I am living.

Everyday I believe in the impossible because I’m possible.

home is….the writing about it all on my blog part of my bio.

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