there is nothing like spring skiing

Today the family headed up to the mountain for fun in the snow (and sun)!

The little guy and I skied while Ryan and baby girl people watched and cheered us on.

The little guy did awesome!

We took lots of runs down the slope next to the Ballroom Carpet at Mt. Hood Meadows.

He didn’t want to stop.

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In fact, we finally took a break for lunch and then he wanted to go ski some more!

He did not want me to hold on to him at all. Each time, at the top of the “Magic Carpet” he would say, “Mommy, hold off!”

He likes to go fast and is not afraid to fall. I tried to teach him the wedge to slow down and he said that he did not want to slow down. I told him he would have to stop at the bottom of the hill or if he thought he might hit someone…he told me he would just fall to stop.

There was a beautiful blue sky, sun, awesome snow, live music and the people I love the most in this world. A perfect spring skiing day in my book! It was probably our last day to ski this season. I am already excited for next season and can’t wait until baby girl (and Ryan) can ski with us!

By the way, today was the first day that I have spent on the mountain and actually been able to see the top of the mountain. It’s majestic.

home is…a family day up on the mountain.

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