pretty, but lonely

My kids (husband) bought me a beautiful silk shirt from Anthropologie for Mother’s Day.

Really, it was beautiful.

I tried it on and really, really liked it, but I couldn’t think of a time when I would wear it.

Yeah, for the rare times that my husband and I get to go out, but for the most part it would just sit in my closet and look pretty.

Pretty, but lonely.

I don’t want my clothes to be lonely.

I want them to be loved.


So, I got this dress from Boden instead.

Remember the flower wallpaper I mentioned in this post last Friday?

This dress reminds me of it.

I can still wear it out for a date night, but can also wear it with the kids or for a night out with my girl friends!

It will be loved.


home is…finding a happy medium.

*btw, the formatting is all messed up on this post and i am not going to try to fix it. sorry!

2 thoughts on “pretty, but lonely

  1. Autumn says:

    Steph – this is a topic I’ve been thinking of blogging about for the past week! My husband LOVES sun dresses. He loves to take me shopping for sun dresses. I like sundresses – I have several and, like your silk top, they hang in my closet and look pretty, year after year. I have no where to wear them as #1 – it only gets warm enough to wear a sundress about one week per year here and #2, I’m not likely to go anywhere that one week that is appropriate for dresses. Ugh. So, I just find the cutest jeans, hooded sweatshirts and boots I can. So glad to hear there are other gals out there like me!

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