{update} play-tree-house

Along with some major spring cleaning, purging and organizing that has been going on inside the house we are making progress on the play-tree-house for the kids!

You can read about how we came up with the idea here and here.

We got the playhouse put together about a month ago and have been working on the platform the last couple of days here and there.

I say “we”, but it has really been my husband doing all of the manual labor and me supervising or barking orders like I know what I am doing.

The kids seem excited about it and have been pretty good helping and staying out of the way when needed.

Here are a few photos…

Ryan got the decking boards attached while I put the kids to bed to night, but it is now too dark to take anymore photos.

This weekend we will work on the step ladders and the railing.

The kids are going to love it!

home is…progress being made.

7 thoughts on “{update} play-tree-house

  1. kathy says:

    I understand from the BGs that you are putting a mattress down for next week! It looks good enough to live in!

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