behind the scenes

So much is going on “behind the scenes” around here.

I want to tell you about it, but a lot of it is not my news to share.

Let’s just say good things are happening and life is about to get pretty crazy.

And, that starts with a visit from Ryan’s parents this week.

Two sleeps and they will be here.

The kids are excited.

We will go on a fun adventure while they are here, and I hope to get some good photos and blog posts up just like I did during our Colorado visit.

And, Thursday looks like a perfect day for playing in a treehouse…maybe adding a rope ladder, a bucket pulley, and some other fun stuff!

I went back to the quotable cards website. I love a good quote on a card. If you know me, you know that I have frames filled with quotes around our house instead of photos (although, I do want to add some photos as well).

I like this one…

home is…always looking cool even if behind the scenes things are a little crazy!

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