the little guy said…

I have been wondering why the little guy has been telling me…

“Mommy, you look like a beach angel.”

I just saw the Travelocity commercial.

Now it makes sense, but I have no idea where or when he would have seen the commercial?!

Do they show it on Nick, Sprout, OPB, or Nick Jr?!

This morning as I was getting dressed he said, “Mommy, you look like a cow.”

I asked for clarification, but didn’t get much.

home is…trying to figure out if I look like a beach angel or a cow.

3 thoughts on “the little guy said…

  1. kathy says:

    I am not going to comment on the “cow”, though Tracy will remember Will’s bewilderment (at age 1) when he joined us in the dressing room while we were BOTH trying on bathing suits!

    I haven’t heard the Travelocity as, but I think beach angel is lovely! As is the little boy who invited me to play in his treehouse next week!

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