{nana and bops visit} day 2

We hung out around the house today.

The kids played with Nana and Bops while Ryan worked and I ran some errands.

The kids and I went out to dinner with Nana while Ryan and Bops headed out for H&H with the boys.

H&H is a monthly meeting of the minds that Ryan has with some of his buddies. They visit various brewpubs thoughout Portland to eat, drink, and raise a ruckus. Bops got to be a part of that tonight.

I am sure they will be home well past our bedtime.

Maybe one of them will fill us in on what happened.

Maybe one of them will write a guest blog about it….ahem, Fil.

I got to go to a yoga class today.

Always good for the mind and body.

I did not take any photos today.

Not even with my iphone!

Tomorrow we will go on an adventure.

I will take more photos then.

home is…a day without photos (it doesn’t happen very often around here).

One thought on “{nana and bops visit} day 2

  1. Autumn says:

    Sounds like fun and hopefully it’s not raining! You asked why we have bees: Because there has been a sort of bee shortage around here for the past couple of years and if we have our own hive there’s a better chance of our garden and trees growing when the bees pollinate them. Plus we get the honey. =)

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