thinking. about. it.

We had a great Memorial Day weekend.

I went on an awesome run on Sunday morning through one of the only neighborhoods we would leave our current neighborhood for.

Two houses were for sale…at amazing prices.

We called our realtor, and I went with the kids to look at them this morning.

Do you remember when the little guy said this? It’s like he was psychic or something, right?!

We’ve talked about moving or adding to this house…down the road.

It wasn’t in the plans for this summer.

Although, now we are thinking about it.

THINKING. About. It.

We don’t even know if it is worth it to sell our house.

One of the houses has an amazing yard and is right across the street from a park, but doesn’t have what we need inside.

The other house is great.

Perfect, really.

The only downside is the backyard…nothing compared to our current one that we love so much. And, even with the smaller yard, we would be just down the street from a park. So, there are trade offs.

The house has everything that we want.

It has a great layout. I already have our furniture placed in my mind.

And, really no remodeling to do…just move in!

There is a room that is separate from the main bedrooms that could serve as a guestroom/space for me with an attached full bath that is shared with the family room.

The family room would be a playroom for the kids…it even has a mini fridge and bar area which would be great for snacks, etc.

It also has lower level…something we really want. It would be perfect for Ryan’s home office (he could even enter his office without having to enter the main house) and an exercise room.

It also has a huge unfinished storage area under the main floor. HUGE.

It really would be perfect.

Oh, but do we really need to add this to our plate?!

I asked whoever is in charge to guide us…the universe, God, etc.

I had just decided that I was going to be happy in our current house and just start working on things here. We’ve had estimates for landscaping, painting, etc. To really have what we ultimately want would take a major addition, a kitchen remodel, and a remodel of two full baths. Probably not something we are willing to take on right now.

Moving would be easier.

I think.

home is…the possibility of adding to an already full plate.

8 thoughts on “thinking. about. it.

  1. kathy says:

    sometimes the perfect house just comes up and says “here I am”… maybe that’s what this is… or maybe it’s just one of many lovely homes in that neighborhood that may one day be yours… when you all revisit this home together, I’m guessing you will know for sure! (or as sure as these things go

  2. stephany @ home is what you make it says:

    I forgot to mention…
    The house had one bedroom decorated perfectly for a boy and one for a girl.
    In the family room there were photos and artwork of black labs.
    In the lower lever storage there were hunting clothes.
    It’s like it was speaking to our family.
    If it is meant to be, it is meant to be.
    If not, another one will show when it is time…

  3. Kam Evans says:

    Well, Steph… Maybe Reece did know something you didn’t 😉
    If it’s meant to be, it will be! Don’t forget to send us all your new address and invites to the house warming!!

  4. Fil says:

    Exciting. Even just to think about it. Regarding the “perfect” house with the small yard, with two small kids it could be a problem, BUT with a park practically next door, maybe not . . . At the very least, the wheels are turning and a different scenario has reared its seductive head. Follow your heart!

  5. Susan says:

    Speaking from experience…the right house sometimes just shows up! If you both love it, go for it! It will be challenging but ultimately worth it. Plus, with the better weather coming it will be much easier to get the kids out of the house for showings!

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