thank god it was just her lip


The kids were playing in the dirt in our backyard yesterday.

I let the little guy play with a bigger shovel than I usually do.

He accidentally hit baby girl in the head with it while he was playing.

I was sitting up on the deck watching something else when I heard the “WHACK” and then the crying.

I ran down to baby girl and her lip was split open. Blood was all over her mouth.

I was in panic mode.

I called Ryan…luckily he was in town and on his way home!

I was yelling at the little guy telling him he had to come in the house.

He was crying, she was crying and I was close to crying.

All I could think of was how Ryan once told me that you never want you child to split open their lip through the vermillion border (the outside lining of your lip…women, think where you would put lip liner). It never repairs well and almost always leaves a scar and needs a plastic surgeon to “fix” it. I kept thinking that my baby’s beautiful smile would be scarred for life.

In the big picture I am thankful that is all that was hurt.

She got hit in the head with a shovel!

I t could have hit her eye, split her cheek open, or worse.

I am thankful this morning that it was just her lip (it did NOT go through the vermillion border).

It already looks better.

I am also thankful that Ryan was here to help me with our first “emergency” doctors visit.

Let’s pray that we don’t have many more in our future.

And, I am thankful for a big brother that felt so terrible he had hurt his sister. He cried more about it than she did!

She was tough. She didn’t even cry when the nurse cleaned it.

home is…being thankful today.

5 thoughts on “thank god it was just her lip

  1. Steph says:

    What a strong little girl! I am thankful Ryan was in town as well! But also know you can call me at anytime and we can be there to help.

  2. Autumn says:

    Love your header picture! Glad she’s okay! Cole fell on a bucket when he was 3 and put his tooth through his lip. So much blood! And I got my bloody hands all over the front door which looked like a crime scene had happened. I never took him in, just ice packed it, but he’s always had a scar there. Looks tough on a boy though. =)

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