the blahs

I’ve got to be honest.

Today I have a major case of the blahs.

It’s a gorgeous day outside.

The sun is shining.

The sky is blue.

There is a slight breeze.

We should be outside.

I can’t motivate.

It’s just the blahs.

You know, the feeling you get after a much anticipated event is over.

My parents came out for a visit.

We spent 4 nights at the Oregon Coast.

We celebrated the 4th of July.

We celebrated the little guys 4th birthday.

My parents left last night.

Ryan got up at 4 am to fly to Chicago.

And, the kids and I are left alone.

I don’t know when we will see my parents again.

I don’t know when we will go on a “relaxing” vacation again.

And all of those thoughts just make me feel…blah.

I know if I motivate to get outside I will feel better, but I just can’t get moving.

So, I just thought I would let you all know how I feel.

The little guy just suggested that we have a picnic lunch outside…he’s full of good ideas.

I’m off to put some real clothes on and get back to reality.

Also, check back later for my link up for Summer in Snapshots…

home is…sometimes having a case of the blahs.

2 thoughts on “the blahs

  1. Steph says:

    I am going to be right there with you on Monday the 11th. We are still on our fun family vacation, but reality will settle back in when we are home and Mike leaves for Vegas, again, on Monday. I totally get the blahs after such a fun time. We will have to set-up a playdate or just have you guys over for dinner when we get back. I totally understand the blahs!

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