been slacking

Since April I have found every excuse to not get back into my exercise routine.

After getting walking pneumonia it took a while to feel up to exercising. And, for the last month I have had a stiff neck and sore back that has limited my mobility.

I also eat terribly when Ryan travels and he has been traveling a lot with his new job.

Add it all up and I am feeling…mushy.

I still fit in my clothes, but I just don’t feel good.

Today I started to change that.

I went to the club and did a yoga class AND a weight lifting class.

We go to New York in less than 2 weeks and my goal is to workout and eat well everyday until we leave.

That means…

  • NO desserts
  • NO soda (Coca-Cola is my weakness)
  • NO fast food (specifically, McDonald’s french fries and Sonic Mozzarella Sticks)
  • NO alcohol (yep, no wine or beer)
It also means…
  • exercise EVERYDAY
  • drink at least 100 oz. of water EVERYDAY
  • go to bed by 10 pm EVERYDAY
  • eat fruits and vegetables EVERYDAY
I feel better when I am exercising regularly, eating good food, and getting enough sleep.
So, you all can help keep me accountable.
Check in with me.
Make sure I am not making excuses.
home is…not feeling mushy.

10 thoughts on “been slacking

  1. The Diesel says:

    We love you no matter if you’re mushy or not. I am “fluffy” in my midsection…too many beers and not enough cycling.

  2. kathy says:

    inspiring… I’ll try to keep you company on your anti-mush campaign… even while on a wedding weekend! and we’ll be sure to have what you need to stay on track while in NY (though our free weight inventory is somewhat limited!)

  3. Tracy Small says:

    Steph, Is that what we are supposed to drink…100oz? I have heard so many different recommendations I have no idea what I’m supposed to drink.

    I have friend who do cycling….they all say to buy your own seat or your “sensitive” areas will be SORE!!!

    • stephany @ home is what you make it says:

      I think it is eight 8 ounce glasses that is supposed to be the minimum amount you should drink each day. However, during the hotter months and when you exercise you should drink more. I think it is something like 20 ounces for every 20 minutes of exercise out in the heat.
      So, I go with 64 ounces as the minimum and round up.
      I have heard that you should get your own seat, but I never see anybody at our club carrying around their own seat, so I am assuming that they are OK.

  4. Fil says:

    You go girl! Give up that evil nutrition-less Coca-Cola!! Give up that evil booze!!!!! No good ever came from beer and wine!!!!! Give up those demonic McDonald’s french fries!!!!!!! Give up deserts!!!!!! Only heartache comes from desserts!!! Finally, commit yourself to an institution for the culinary terminally insane!!!!!!!!!!!! Run, girl!!!! Run like the wind!!!!!! Run till you shed pounds like water off a duck’s back!!!!!! Run into the ocean!!!!! Run tom the top of Mt. Hood and leap up to the sky till you reach the place where all is weightless and carefree!!! Run, run, run!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • stephany @ home is what you make it says:

      Coca-Cola IS evil and nutrition-less!
      Booze is NOT evil, just full of extra calories!
      French fries are OK in moderation, but I have not had them in moderation.
      I will run…just not to the ocean or Mt. Hood.
      Although, someday I will run Hood to Coast.

      • Kam says:

        That was a might fine pep talk above!! I am just hoping he doesn’t really believe all those things are evil… or I have certainly been taken over!! Cuz I mix my cherry coke with my alcohol and I LOVE me some McD’s fries… or any fast food for that matter!!
        Good luck Steph!! you can do it if you set your mind to it!!! and now that you’ve told all of us… we can help support you!! But we do LOVE you no matter what!!!

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