too much candy

I’m done with my detox.

I’ll write my thoughts about it soon.

All I can say right now is…get the halloween candy out of my house!

I just made myself sick eating candy…UGH!

I’m dropping the rest of the stash of here this afternoon.

Also, I am aware that I have a giveaway that I teased you about last week and did not post about.

Stay tuned on Friday…I promise it will be here!

home is…a tummy ache.

One thought on “too much candy

  1. kathy says:

    Me too.. why is it that on Halloween after being careful about what we eat most of the time, we eat all that stuff, even stuff we don’t much like! Must be reverting back to childhood.. all that fun sorting and trading and EATING… ours goes to a food cupboard, but I like the operation gratitude too and will look for it locally… thanks!

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