So, this month we celebrate Thanksgiving.

There are countless ways to show gratitude.

I see friends and family members posting each day on Facebook, some have a special place to write it down and display thanks in their home during this month, and some write it in a journal everyday.

I have decided that I am going to let people know that I am thankful for them with a handwritten note that they will receive in their mailbox from the USPS!

I used to be good at writing thank you notes.

I used to love to pick up a special card for friends or family at a specialty card shop or the grocery store.

I’ve lost my touch.

So, I am going to write one note a day to a friend or family member to let them know how I am thankful for them.

I have already put 3 notes in the mail this week, so I am on my way…27 more to go!

By the way, how are you choosing to be thankful this month?

{Please share your ideas in a comment on this post}

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home is…a handwritten thank you note.

4 thoughts on “thankful

    • stephany @ home is what you make it says:

      Thanks, Liz!
      It’s something I have been wanting to do for a while…and now seems like a good time to get it started.
      I hope to continue (maybe not daily, but hopefully weekly) after this month of thanks and gratitude is over.
      We should be thankful EVERYDAY, right?!

  1. Kam says:

    I love this idea!!! I have always loved getting something unexpected in the mail!! I used to be good at thank you’s too or just sending letters period!! And now with email and fb and blogging and internet that is so very rare these days indeed!! I used to make a new years resolution that I was going to ‘send – in the mail’ birthday cards to my friends so they got something a little special in the mailbox… and now we just post wishes on fb… Maybe it’s time we all make a little change back to yesteryear and send our friends a note every once in awhile!!

  2. kathy says:

    I begin and end each day thanking God for each member of my family by name… I am so lucky to have each one (16 in our immediate family, 51 including our sibs+kids+grandkids and 2 elders).

    I still love writing letters when I have time… mostly to the elders at the moment, but I know that will change with time… maybe some day I will have time to write each of my 6 kids and 8 grandkids (and one husband) letters on their birthdays! That’s a long-standing goal I’ve never met…

    Nice inspiration today… thanks!

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