Sorry I’ve been away for almost a week. I have sat down and wanted to write a post, but for many reasons I only get a few sentences in and then I stop.

I’m still sick.


I was sick before we left to go to Colorado for Thanksgiving.

Sick the entire week of Thanksgiving.

Sick when we got back.

And, I’m still sick.

Every time I feel like I’m feeling better I push a little bit too much and then I feel worse the next day (and the next and the next).

We got a new camera. A little point and shoot Nikon. I have used it to take most of my photos lately and I can’t figure out how to load them on to my computer. There is no USB cord in the box and my laptop doesn’t have a place to put a memory card. UGH!

I have photos of all our christmas decorating…lots of projects from Pinterest.

I have photos of a new breakfast hit at our house…and I want to share the recipe with you all!

Anyway, although I am still sick I am trying to deck our halls and make it fun for the kids this time of year.

I will admit they have watched a lot of this…

and, this…

and this…

Baby girl just asked me if she can watch a “Narnie Bown” show. I need to get her on video saying that…it’s adorable!

Well, gonna try to rest today.

The little guy is staying home from school, we’re gonna watch some “Narnie Bown”, maybe some Polar Express, and keep decking the halls.

I’m not gonna let being sick turn me into Scrooge!

home is…the most wonderful time of the year!

One thought on “scrooge

  1. kathy says:

    BAH! HUMBUG! to the virus that has you in its grip (or grippe if you are in the mood for puns, though I suspect you are not!) Hope it leaves soon so you can enjoy one of your favorite times of the year. ILY

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