a new day


It’s amazing how a shower, putting on “real” clothes, getting out of the house, and watching your kiddo learn something new can change your mindset.

The little guy had his last swim lesson of the current session last night. We couldn’t miss it.

This summer, we realized that our little guy LOVES the water.

He has excelled in his swim lesson this fall. By the second class the instructor said he was ready for the next level.

By then end of the class yesterday she said he was almost ready to skip  level.

His stroke is strong, he is confident, and he LOVES the water.

I grew up spending the summer at the pool.

Swim team early in the morning, pool all day, and when I was in high school I lifeguarded as a summer job.

I am thrilled to see his confidence.

I needed that yesterday.

This morning I am sitting here watching the sun stream in through our windows.


In December.

In Portland, Oregon.

I am listening to my kids play together in the other room while the Christmas lights glow and Christmas music plays in the background.

This is more like it.

home is…a new day.

2 thoughts on “a new day

  1. kathy says:

    of course, we were lucky enough to see him throw himself off the diving board this summer… would not have missed THAT for the world… and glad his water-daredevil dad got to see it too! Good to know he’s continuing his confidence and enjoyment of the water… such a lifelong gift!

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