the little guy said

This afternoon Ryan was working from home.

The little guy and I had spent quiet time together and he was ready for a snack.

He remembered the treats we got earlier today and reminded Poppa about them.

Poppa said he had to do some work in his office.

I told the little guy that he could eat his treat with me.

He replied, “I’ve spent enough time with you already.”

The little guy and Ryan retreated into Ryan’s office to eat their treats…with the door closed.


One thought on “the little guy said

  1. kathy says:

    the LG’s 5-year-old cousin M had to spend most of the afternoon with Bopa as I tried to get the almost 2-year-old J down for a nap 3 hours later, M was still playing with Bopa and Nana had not gotten J to sleep with stories, Dinosaur Train OR a long buggy ride in the cold drizzly weather. So both our big boys seem to be in the legendary phase of male bonding at the moment…cute, eh?

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