Not the kind you put on a roof.

The kind I thought only “old” people get.

I have them.

They hurt.

They are ugly.

And, lucky me, they aren’t hidden under my shirt on my abdomen and back.

They are on my neck.

Like a big hickey!

I texted a photo to my parents last night and asked them if it reminded them of when they caught me in Safeway buying makeup to cover up a big hickey in high school.

Even my doctor told me it looked like a hickey.

I just hope it doesn’t spread all over my neck.

Then, it would just look gross.

Only time will tell.

I’m exhausted.

And, frustrated.

There’s a good chance my kids will end up with chicken pox, too.


So, I’m just venting.

On the bright side…the weather is beautiful!

So, maybe I will blow up an air mattress and rest outside while the kiddos play tomorrow.

home is…there’s always a bright side.

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