still having fun

So, let me tell you, you don’t want to get shingles.

Thankfully, I think I have a mild case.

However, I think the fact that they are on my head and neck make it a bit more painful.

And, it’s not really fun going to your kids preschool field trip with what looks like a big old hickey on your neck.

I’ve spared you all from the photos.

I think I posted a couple on Instagram (maybe Facebook), but otherwise I’ve tried to stay on the “down low”.

Anyway, Ryan really stepped in once he returned from business travel last week (after also helping out when his mom was here for a week).

He took the little guy to school on Friday and then Lala and I went to the Mother’s Day Tea at the preschool.

He’s a little tea pot…

The 4’s…

I’m not sure if he even sang…

Oooooh, he did sing…just missed the hand movements on this one.

Pulling it all together…

for the BIG finish!!!

{by the way, he and the cutie next to him were partners for the play and held hands all they way through their “Chicken Little” skit}

What else have we done?

Set up an outdoor bed for the kids to rest in…and play with the iPhone’s and iPad.

Real men play with pink iPads.

Letting Ryan deal out the discipline…Lala wasn’t thrilled about timeout.

Watched while Ryan played with the kids at the playground.

They are both capable of so many new things on a playground.

He couldn’t do this alone last summer.

And, she just wants to keep up with him.

And, I’ve just let them goof off while I sit and watch in the backyard.

Now, I am off to bed.

I hope to have a Spring yard and garden tour up on the blog by then end of the week!

Also, I gave the teachers their gifts at the Mothers Day Tea…they loved them!

home is…still having fun while I am on the mend.

One thought on “still having fun

  1. Stephanie Hill Leeper says:

    I am glad you are feeling better! We need to set up a playdate soon…Do you guys have anything going June 4 or June 5? Tommy is done with school and I am sure we will be looking for something to do 🙂

    Also what playground is that? It looks AWESOME! 🙂

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