game day

September 1st.

Everything was quiet this morning when I slipped out of bed and tiptoed down the stairs before 7am.

It’s game day…in more ways than one.


Ryan is in Idaho with the boys…Ben and Odyssey.

They did not get out to hunt AT ALL last year.

I wanted it to be different for Ryan this year.

Hunting is his passion.

It fuels him to be in the outdoors.

Watching the dogs work.

Soaking in the sun.

Seeing the birds fly.

Maybe even hitting one once in a while.

September 1st is game day in the world of bird hunting.

I hope that Ryan is in a mountain park chasing after Blue Grouse, laughing with his friends, and filling his spirit.

Game on.


Today is game day.

I had a goal when I came downstairs this morning.

I turned the TV on and the sights and sounds of ESPN’s College Game Day filled the room…and my spirit.

I love nothing more than the sights and sound of football.

It means my favorite time of year is here.

For years, before we had kids, I would spend the weekend working on design school projects, cooking, crafting, or relaxing to the sound of football.

The crowd noise.

The whistle blowing.

The announcers.

The school or team spirit.

It fuels me.

Today, we will listen to football while we play, craft, clean, and enjoy the last days of summer as they turn to fall.

Game on.


September 1st.

We’re refueling…in more ways than one.

It’s game day.

home is…sights and sounds that fill your spirit.

2 thoughts on “game day

  1. Maggie says:

    Love this! We are very much “fans of fall.” College football, cold air, autumn colors, pumpkin-flavored everything. I had to include in my wedding vows “I promise to always root for Notre Dame (husband’s team) even when they’re playing the Huskies (my dad played college ball for them). It was quite the upset! 😉 Happy game day to you!

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