home sweet home

We said goodbye to this yesterday…

And, after a brief delay at the airport…

We got on this and flew across the Pacific.

Lorelai and I had a nice snuggle on the plane yesterday.

The boys also snuggled for a bit…

Then we had a little fun with photo booth on my laptop…

Then I realized that the flash was going off and the other passengers might not be too happy, so we stopped. Oops!

The boys woke up from their snooze, and we all settled in for the remainder of the flight.

The kids did awesome. They are both sick and were troopers during the long flight home.

We’re all happy to be home after such a wonderful family vacation.

Now it’s back to reality…

I will be listing these in the colton+cadence etsy shop today.

Isn’t it the best feeling in the world to be home?

home is…home sweet home.

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