joy to the…

It wasn’t supposed to rain yesterday and we didn’t have any big plans so I proposed that we take some Christmas card photos in the backyard.

Easy enough.

Gather branches that have fallen from the Douglas Firs, write a little something on the outdoor chalkboard, and throw in a little vintage red.

joy to the world

Oh, and how about some globes?! Yes, perfect!

Joy to the world!

Get on the trikes.

Move a little closer.

Lorelai, stop looking at your brother.

Reece, stop making funny faces.


Everybody look at somebody else and make a funny face.

We look happy, but I had just stepped in the middle of his parenting. It’s all starting to go downhill.

The kids wanted to take more photos…meaning, they wanted to use the camera.

Lorelai took some of the boys.

Reece took some of the girls.

And, then the joy was gone.

It lasted all of five minutes.

We may have gotten one good family shot.

home is…a gold star for effort.

5 thoughts on “joy to the…

  1. Lori A says:

    Crazy… I saw your photo set-up on Pinterest several times yesterday and today I ended up ordering my first creation from you on etsy. Small world! Super cute pictures! 🙂

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