I’ve been trying to write this post for the last couple of days, but for one reason or another got sidetracked.

An awesome workout got in my way.

Then my computer did not want to work.

Lorelai got snuggly.

She fell asleep on the way to pick up Reece.

Errands had to be run.

Dinner had to be made.

Furniture had to be moved for carpets to get cleaned.

You know, normal stuff.

I went wine tasting with girlfriends last weekend.

The Willamette Valley was beautiful.

The wine was good.

The company was unbeatable!

I’m happy Halloween is over. I just didn’t get into it this year.

I love the pumpkin patches and fall, but Halloween just wasn’t a big deal to me this year.

However, I was thrilled that the kids decided to go with classic costumes…all their own idea!

The downpour that had been going on for two days stopped right after dinner and the skies cleared for a beautiful evening. Trick or treating was short lived as our ghost had trouble seeing and walking, but he was a trooper and decided that handing out candy (and eating candy) at home was a lot of fun, too!


The witch collection is put away and I will do a bit more rearranging and organizing before I get the Santa collection out.


I’ve started running again and it feels good.

Nothing crazy, but I am following the “Ease into 10K” app on my phone and it gives me a goal to reach for each run.

When the weather is nice I have been running outside and pushing Lorelai in the BOB. When Reece was her age I was still doing Stroller Strides 3 times a week and pushing BOTH of them! She is so happy sitting in the stroller, taking in the sights, and talking to whatever stuffed animal friend she brings along.



When I’m not wearing my running shoes I’ve got my boots on. It is definitely boot weather around here. My Frye’s and Hunter’s are my favorites. Lorelai loves the red cowboy boots I found at the Farm Chicks Show in 2011!



This is what November looks like in our backyard. It’s a little neglected, but still beautiful. My happy place.



When we are inside we are spending time learning, playing and growing.

Both kids love writing and drawing.

Our vintage books are always fun to look at and read.

I think I need to sign Reece up for more climbing classes.

Lorelai is my snuggle bug.




In Oregon, everybody votes by mail.

It makes it easy.

I voted.



I have added some fun vintage items to the shop.

Some of them are perfect for Thanksgiving.

Go check them out!



And, last, but not least…



I’m having fun with the vintage flash cards I have found and will be adding some flash card items to colton+cadence soon!

home is…finally getting this post done.

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