5 thoughts on “lunch

  1. kathy says:

    My dad (age 90) made egg salad sandwiches for the two of us today… just egg and mayo, with some mustard on the rye bread… simple and yummy… and I just love that he planned our little lunch way ahead of time.

  2. Ann says:

    After seeing this pic on instagram I ran to the kitchen and made an egg salad sandwich. Mustard, mayo, relish, pepper and a dash of cinnamon, (I like sweet.) I was out of celery, but I topped it with sliced tomatoes on toasted multigrain bread. With a side of Pringles and a Pepsi. Thanks for the lunch inspiration, Stephany! 😉

  3. Dr. Duck says:

    Steph, My tip for making egg,1000 islands,dressing or potato salad (if you put egg) is this:take your cooked egg yolks and blend them very well into your mayo,mustard,or what every liquid ingredients you are using…do this FIRST then add to your other ingredients.   Let me know what you think,   Don

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