happy paper flowers

paper bag flowers

Lorelai’s room has been going through a transformation, again.

I’ve moved the bed three different times, hung and rehung artwork, and changed the placement of the tissue paper puffs that were originally decoration for her first birthday party.

I pinned this photo months ago planning to add these flowers to the tissue paper puffs that were on the wall above her bed…

Source: aplaceforusblog.com via stephany @ on Pinterest

I saved paper bags over and over the last few months, only to put them in the recycle bin or in the compost.

The other day I came home from Trader Joes with a bunch of paper bags and decided I needed to finally make the flowers.

Here is the awesome tutorial from A Place for Us.

paper bag flowers 1

I got to work on them Sunday morning. The tutorial was easy to follow and the results turned out perfect!

paper bag flowers 6

paper bag flowers 2

paper bag flowers 5

paper bag flowers 4

paper bag flowers 7

paper bag flowers 3

paper bag flowers 8

I secretly wish this room was mine. I love the handmade flowers and vintage goodness in her room.

home is…happy paper flowers.

5 thoughts on “happy paper flowers

  1. kathy says:

    that’s my kind of crafting too… hope to get my own personal tutorial in the spring! Have you made paper bag baskets? My friend Lois taught me how and it’s fun… nice to know that Trader Joe’s still does paper bags… I am hoping to visit our new TJ this week!

  2. Stephani says:

    I saw this when you posted it on Instagram and loved it! Then I saw it on Pinterest and found your blog! I was wanting to learn how to make these flowers. What about the tissue paper flowers? Are they made basically the same way? Love all your inspiration on Instagram!

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