{hello friday} 2.22.2013

These photos represent the last week in the order they were taken…

2.22.2013 15

Sewing ruffles is fun.

2.22.2013 14

Reece’s room redesign is almost complete.

2.22.2013 13

Odyssey went missing for 24 hours.

2.22.2013 12

I sat outside hoping he would come back to share my coffee.

2.22.2013 11

An Instagram follower suggested putting a post on Craigslist. A kind soul contacted us to let us know she saw listings for a “FOUND” dog that matched our description of our “LOST” dog. It was Odyssey. So thankful for kind souls and dog lovers.

2.22.2013 10

This tree is getting too small for Reece.

2.22.2013 9

I’ve been wanting a vintage Tonka truck. I found one.

2.22.2013 8

I made this. I added a bunch to the shop this week, but a lot of it sold as fast as I added it! Go see what’s left…

2.22.2013 7

This view looking through my kitchen window made me happy.

2.22.2013 6

The ruffles ended up on aprons for the kids play kitchen.

2.22.2013 5

Lorelai asked for a ponytail. She never asks for a ponytail.

2.22.2013 4

She also asked to go to Target to buy a purple dress. This is the one she picked out. She also got new shoes.

2.22.2013 3

Reece had a friend over for a playdate and after letting Lorelai play with them for two hours they had enough. She was a sad little sister. We went into her room and said. “no boys allowed.” Of course, that made the boys want to come in and play.

2.22.2013 2

This was in the shop. It’s now on it’t was to California. I also bought one for myself. I might put another vintage typewriter in the shop this week. Stay tuned.

2.22.2013 1

They love to jump on the bed and listen to “Skidamarink” LOUD!

On Wednesday, Ben got out of our yard. I freaked out because he is basically deaf and blind and it was pouring down rain. Long story short, he got home safely, too. We found him wandering the streets of the neighborhood…he didn’t eve hear me call his name when I was right next to him. Poor old man.

I just finished a workout, got a shower, and have time to finish this blog post. Thank goodness for our health club and the two hours of childcare I get each day when I am there!

We’re eating dinner at the health club per Reece and Lorelai’s request and then heading to their school carnival.

home is…putting a lock on our backyard gate.


One thought on “{hello friday} 2.22.2013

  1. kathy says:

    what a week for wandering dogs… lucky Odyssey to live in a high-tech lost and found age with kind folks who care enough to check… lucky Ben that you found him so soon… love the kids photos… your embroidery in hoop is lovely… busy week for you… have a nice family weekend.

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