{collecting} vintage playroom

vintage playroom 1

When I started thrifting less than a year ago I also started some new collections.

vintage playroom 5

My collections are of items that I have always had a fondness of, but never knew how to find them…until I started thrifting.

vintage playroom 4

One of my favorite collections is my vintage fisher price collection.

vintage playroom 6

These toys come from the days of my youth. I am not sure I ever had any of them, nor do I recall playing with any of them (although I am sure I did at some point), but they take me back to when I was a little girl.

vintage playroom 12

I say it is my collection, but it is really for all of us…as are most of my collections.

vintage playroom

The toys fill the shelves in the playroom (remember the playroom…something I thought we would never have).

vintage playroom 7

vintage playroom 8

vintage playroom 9

The kids, most days, will pull the vintage fisher price off the toy shelves before they choose any of the newer toys.

vintage playroom 25

For me, I love…

vintage playroom 26

vintage playroom 17

vintage playroom 21

vintage playroom 36

vintage playroom 19

vintage playroom 22

vintage playroom 37

…the simplicity…

vintage playroom 28

vintage playroom 29

vintage playroom 30

vintage playroom 31

vintage playroom 40

vintage playroom 32

vintage playroom 3

vintage playroom 33

…the graphics…

vintage playroom 35

vintage playroom 15

vintage playroom 16

vintage playroom 2

vintage playroom 10

vintage playroom 27

vintage playroom 11

…the bright colors…

vintage playroom 34

…it all just makes me happy!

vintage playroom 39

I imagine that these toys will go into the attic (or my creative cottage) to be stored until my own kids have children of their own.

vintage playroom 24

And, just like my kids do when they visit their grandparents in New York, they will play with the same toys that generations before them have been playing with.

vintage playroom 23

vintage playroom 14

When I come across duplicates of what we already have I put them into colton+cadence or post them for sale on instagram.

vintage playroom 38

vintage playroom 20

vintage playroom 13

If you are interested in starting your own collection you can follow @coltoncadence on instagram or visit the vintage playroom section of colton+cadence on etsy!

home is…collecting something that makes you (and your home) happy.

14 thoughts on “{collecting} vintage playroom

  1. Kam says:

    I have many of those things in my garage (or maybe some still in my parents garage) from my youth as well!! I wanna come over and play with kids and all their ‘old toys’!

  2. Amanda @ the Bay Bush says:

    We had the house boat and the cash register at my Granny’s house when I was little. She still has them and now my girls play with them when they go over. That boat has logged enough hours in the bathtub to circumnavigate the globe!

  3. NostalgicAtomic says:

    !!! I loved my Little People toys. I had the brick house, barn, clock, and Toyland music box when I was a kid. What great memories these pictures bring back! You have a very nice collection. :] So much fun!
    – Emily

  4. Leah says:

    I have so many of those from my childhood. In fact, I still have the little house that my daughter has now. So many happy memories! Love your playroom.

  5. Kareb says:

    I also collect these! Technical question – how do you have them hanging on the wall (the xylophone, clock, open house)? hooks? or nailed on? It is a great decorating idea – love the look!!

  6. Jul says:

    We gave all of ours (well cared for items) away when our kids outgrew them. We thought that FP would always make them. Alas, no!. Now I am buying them again for my grandkids wherever I can get my hands on them.
    There is too much “effect”, cuteness, and garish colors in the new one. I wished they would do a special editon vintage line.

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