{through the rearview} old photos new life

throw back thursday


flash back friday.


either way…


either day…


people post older photographs on instagram.

it might be a year, or 10, or 30.

about a month ago, i was cleaning (on thursday, i clean), had to put something away in the attic, and pulled out two photo albums.

one my sister made for me.

the other was one i just put together with photos my mom passed along to me.

the kids loved looking at them.

and, to do anything to procrastinate (did i tell you i am a procrastinator?!), i posted a couple on instagram.

it’s fun.

and, you know what it reminds me of?

timber falls

that i had an awesome childhood.

car hood

that is why i do what i do for my children.

it is fun to have fun.

to go on adventures.

learn something new.

play with friends and family.

i’m going to use these photos, and many more, to write some posts about my childhood.


i think it will be fun.

and, it’s fun to have fun.

home is…being reminded of my childhood.

3 thoughts on “{through the rearview} old photos new life

  1. Julie Catlin says:

    I am so happy that you feel that way! It was a blessing for me to have you and still is one! Love, mom

    Sent from Julie’s iPhone

  2. kathy says:

    What wonderful memories to share with us all! Wouldn’t it benice if every cleaning day were so rewarding!! xxoo KT

  3. Julie Catlin says:

    Thank you for saying you had a good childhood! As a parent we try to do the best job we know how to do! It is often full of mistakes because we are all human and not perfect! It meant the world to me that you would post!!! That you had a good childhood! I love you incredibly and wanted you to have just that! Love, mom

    Sent from Julie’s iPhone

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