Two days ago I was trying to clean up photos in iphoto and I got a dreaded pop up.

dreaded pop up

I began to freak out.

Years of photos.

In fact, I had just downloaded photos from a field trip I took with Reece the day before.

Photos I deleted from my camera as soon as I saw them on my computer.



Our computer guy has reassured me that he can restore them from our backup.

Next week.

It makes me thankful for this blog…and what I have done here for the past 4+ years.

If all was lost, I would still have this.

And, to keep it in perspective after the loss that people have endured this week in Oklahoma, it’s not that big of a deal.

Here’s the thing…

I take LOTS of photos.

I take photos of my kids that nobody ever sees (which I eventually will put into photo albums for our family).

I take photos of our home and garden…mainly for the blog.

I take photos on my phone.

I take photos for my etsy shop.

I take LOTS of photos, period.

So, here are a couple of questions for other bloggers and photographers…

What photo management software do you use?

What photo editing software do you use?

How do you manage a workflow to not duplicate and triplicate photos?

How do you backup your photos?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

home is…always learning from my mistakes.

4 thoughts on “poof!

  1. aregularcupofjo says:

    I just use my computer, and hope that nothing will happen to my files. I know it is silly, and once I start doing more I will have to look into backing up my files. Four hers, wow that is incredible. I just recently started blogging and I really enjoy it. It inspires me to continue to write to see someone that has done it for so long. Best of luck with everything 🙂

  2. Tracy S says:

    Hey Stephany. I use Creative Memories software. I really like it…easy to use and organize photos. We have tried numerous backups and actually lost my hard drive a couple years ago. Online backup seemed to work for us then but it wasn’t seamless like they advertised so we are looking into other options now. I also backup my photos on cds so they are double backed up! I don’t trust computers, can you tell?!

  3. brianna says:

    i use shutterfly, make photo books, and back up on CD’s. I actually heard that overtime cd’s will eventually go bad, i’m holding out hope that i don’t look at them often, they are safely tucked away in a binder… we shall see. i would be heartbroken honestly if i lost pictures…

  4. danielle says:

    1st all of this is only because my husband is computer savvy. I would never have done it without him. All our files are backed up to Crashplan, then we have an external backup called backuppc. I also back up all clients photos to disks before I clear memory cards. I edit all my photos with the Gimp. It is a free photo shop equivilent. I organize my photos by year/month/subject when I put them on my computer. We have Shotwell to organize them by tags but I do not stay on top of that as much. If you are interested in using the Gimp you can check out a post I did on how to get started with it. Hope that helps. I do not know what I would do without my husband! He keeps my pictures safe!

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