No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.  ~Proverb

It’s always a tough month for me.

It’s like the adrenaline that is left from the holidays of last year pushes me through January, Valentine’s Day gets me through mid month, and then I crash.

And, sometimes, it feels like MY world crashes in around me.

MY world.

MY world is different from your world, which is different from everybody else’s world.

We all have our struggles.

We all have our triumphs.

They are not the same.

My struggles are smaller than some, but bigger than others.

My triumphs are bigger than some, and smaller than others.

The struggles seem to repeat themselves…and I wish they wouldn’t.

It’s like the record repeating itself, groundhog day, our washer that won’t finish a cycle, a bad habit.

I want it to be different this time.

I want more triumph, so next time there will be less struggle.

home is…breaking bad habits.



3 thoughts on “february

  1. Julie Catlin says:

    Check the Daily Word for feb. 19th . Life can change and flow freely! God bless you my sweetness! mom

    Sent from Julie’s iPad …

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