regrets…i’ve had a few

mine are…

1. not spending a summer working on a family friends ranch because social (high school) obligations were more important

2. getting rid of my jeep wrangler

3. not becoming a “ski bum” after college

But, life is good anyway.

Do you have regrets in your life?

home is…having regrets.


6 thoughts on “regrets…i’ve had a few

  1. scratchitcook says:

    Oooh regrets. Ski bum is one? Really? I spent 3 years in Vail, CO and although I was there for the wrong reasons, I had a lot of fun. Anyone who tells me they don’t have regrets, I don’t trust.

  2. wickedcraftymama says:

    I regret being a “know-it-all” growing up if that makes sense.. I brushed off a lot of good advice and coincidentally wasted a lot of time and effort on friendships that just weren’t meant to last to say the least !!

  3. mamajeh says:

    regrets, too many to mention. I think my biggest regret is caring too much about what others think of me and how my husband and I choose to live our life. If I would have figured that out earlier, it would have saved us a TON of heartache.

  4. theheartshapedlife says:

    Okay, I’m new to blogging and this is my first comment. I felt like if I didn’t comment, I would regret it 🙂 What a great post. Short, simple, to the point and leaving us all to ponder our regrets. Here are mine:
    -not going to Mardi Gras in college when a good friend led one of the parades
    -giving up the flute
    -letting myself get out of shape
    -keeping a family secret (a loved one’s alcoholism and physical abuse) for 35 years. When I finally told someone, I discovered a new kind of freedom.

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