{through the rearview} 1407

Fifteen years ago Ryan and I decided to buy a house together.

1407 12It was this little house that was built in 1947 by the Army for soldiers coming back from WWII. Our next door neighbor, who called herself “Old Lady Bowden” had lived there since they had been built.

1407 3

We pulled up carpets.

1407 4

Painted every wall at least once.

1407 6

Had walls torn down and the kitchen remodeled.

1407 5

We had lots of fun parties here.

1407 7

I did lots of Interior Design school projects on that table (which is now our craft table).

1407 8

Murphy, Ben, Hobbes, Oak, and Odyssey…and four of Oak and Ben’s puppies all lived with us at this house.

1407 9

I used chalkboard paint on the walls in this house.

1407 11

Our bedroom was the remodeled one car garage.

1407 10

Ryan had his own den/office.

1407 2We had a dedicated guest bedroom.

It was a good house with good memories. We lived there for just over 6 years.

home is…our first home.

6 thoughts on “{through the rearview} 1407

  1. hollydeequilts says:

    Something about your first home that will always be with you. Kind of like the country song “The house that raised me”. We are in the process of building a new home and I am glad I found your blog to inspire me!

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