{31 days} secondhand, created, and thrifted

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Scroll Down to read day 1::

{day 2} the perfect table

{day 3} a hand painted sign

{day 4} collections

{day 5} outdoor fall decor

{day 6} mason jar pendant light

{day 7} book wagon

{day 8} office supplies

{day 9} pyrex collection

{day 10} flash card art

{day 11} paper bag flowers

{day 12} thrifting on the road

{day 13} vintage fisher price

{day 14} interrupted

{day 15} top of the fridge

{day 16} joy all year

{day 17} globe pendant light

{day 18} a quick stop at goodwill

{day 19}

{day 20}

{day 21} love rocks

{day 22} pallet xylophone

{day 23} fall for afghans

Click above to read the other days, I’ll be adding a link to each day once it goes live.

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~secondhand, created and thrifted~

pallet xylophone 16

31 days.

{diy} globe pendant light 8

Each day in October I will write about something in our home that is secondhand, created or thrifted.

home made lovely - playroom 1

Some days it will be a combination of secondhand, created, or thrifted.

vintage playroom 26

Like, secondhand and created.

paper bag flowers 8

Or, thrifted and created.

flash card art9

Maybe even, secondhand, created and thrifted.

joy to the world

At any rate, I hope to inspire you.


After all, home is what YOU make it.


home is…{31 days} secondhand, created and thrifted.

39 thoughts on “{31 days} secondhand, created, and thrifted

  1. sweetpea2love says:

    What a lovely collection, I just know you enjoyed every moment turning them into treasures for your home.. Thanks for sharing.. Take care and happy blogging….

  2. reinventedkb says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m so excited to follow along! Secondhand, created and thrifted are three of my favorite words! 🙂

  3. queenofthelandoftwigsnberries says:

    So I totally thought of your 31 days series when I was at my Nana’s house, helping her clear out 100 years of “junk” in the basemen and came across one of my favorite toys from childhood. It was a hand made wooden circus set and I LOVED it. It now resides in a prominent space in our playroom. Just made me think of you and all of your awesome vintage toys. Happy New Year!

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