{31 days} the perfect table

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~thrifted and created~

One Saturday Lorelai and I took a trip to Goodwill and found the round table I had been picturing in my mind for months.

A large, round pedestal table.

Solid wood.

Two leaves.

It was priced at $59.99.

Less 50%…for only five more minutes.

That made it less than $30!

I jumped on it…especially when I saw another lady eyeing it.

I texted Ryan after I left and said that I would need to use his truck to pick something up at Goodwill later that afternoon.

This is what I brought home.


I had a vision…for the table.

{this is by no means a tutorial on how to refinish a table…i used google and pinterest to find what made sense to me and just kind of dove into the project…which is how i handle most of my DIY projects}

I promptly started to sand the thick speckled finish off the oak.


Every chance I got I would head out the the garage and sand.


I took all the pieces apart.


More sanding.

Then primer.


Multiple thin coats.

After it was primed I put the base back together and painted.


Multiple thin coats.


I had help.


I would let each coat dry completely and then add another coat…alternating between working on the base and working on the top.


This was after one or two coats.


I’m not sure how many I actually ended up applying.

Eventually, it started looking good.


I brought it inside and let is sit for a couple of weeks.

After it was completely dry I put a couple coats of paste wax on it.

This is what we ended up with.



I love how the wood grain shows through.



{You can also read my original post about the un-dining room table from September 2012}

home is…{31 days} a thrifted table.

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11 thoughts on “{31 days} the perfect table

  1. Maria Logan Montgomery says:

    Lovely table. I love what you did with it. I’ve been looking for a similar table. I plan to paint it an off white, then wipe it with a brown glaze that will go into all the little crevices. I would like to leave the woodgrain top as is, so I hope to find one with a top that is not scratched. Wish me luck.

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