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This is actually an update to one of my most popular posts of all time as well as one of my most pinned posts on Pinterest.

We had existing pendant lights in our kitchen, and I was getting tired of the shades so I cut some holes in mason jar lids and used the mason jars as “shades”.

After posting a photo of my kitchen on Instagram, I decided to write my first ever tutorial for a mason jar pendant light!

{I find my light kits at IKEA, but you can find something similar in the lighting section at Lowes or Home Depot}


IMPORTANT NOTE: After noticing that air needed to be vented from the jar somehow, I added some vent holes to the top by tapping extra holes in the lid with a hammer and nail.

{You can also read my original post {diy} mason jar pendant light from July 2012} 

home is…{31 days} a created mason jar pendant light.

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12 thoughts on “{31 days} mason jar pendant light

  1. Tilly Frueh says:

    Is there a certain size bulb that has to be used? I was wondering about the heat issue of using a full size bulb. I love the idea and would love to change out the lights in my kitchen, but I’m afraid the jars would get too hot if I used a anything more than a decorative bulb. Of course, where these lights are in the kitchen, a decorative bulb would probably be okay anyway, but I’d still be interested if there is a limit to the wattage of the bulb you can use. Great post.

  2. Stephanie R Lane says:

    Awesome!! I’ve always liked the thought/idea of mason jar lights, but it seemed like they would be complicated… you actually make this project look relatively simple! Pinned it to try! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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