hippie at heart

when i first started this blog…actually, it was another blog, that turned into another blog, that turned into this blog, but i digress…

when i first started blogging it was because i missed my job in interior design and wanted to keep my feet in the world of design…particularly green design.

recently, my husband mentioned to my daughter that i was a hippie (he actually said that i am “37.5% hippie”). i responded to him that i have been thinking the same thing lately.

you see, i’ve always been a hippie at heart. born in boulder, colorado in 1975, it was bound to happen.

i went college in boulder in the 90’s and received a bachelors degree in environmental studies. it boggles my mind that some of the information that is FINALLY becoming mainstream (facts about GMOs, plastics, organic food, etc) are what we were studying 20 years ago in my classes, but it was considered extremist back then.

i ended up going back to school in 2000 to earn a degree in interior design. when i graduated in 2003 my final project was focused on residential green design.

at any rate, green design is in my hippie blood, and it’s here to stay.

i have some stories to share and some learning to do, so i’m going to do it here.

first, i am working on earning my Green Classroom Certificate. i spend a lot of time in my kids classrooms and would love to be a able to help educate the teachers and staff on how they can make the classrooms environmentally safe for our children.

second, i will be working on becoming a REGREEN Trained Professional. this is where i hope to focus my business in the future (when both kids are in school this fall). i am excited about this program and hope to share more information as i go through it.

third, i have recently become an independent distributor for young living essential oils. the chemicals in our environment and that we put into our body can wreak havoc on our health…mentally and physically. i hope to implement essential oils into every aspect of my daily life and share with you in the journey. if you are interested in more information please contact me at youngliving (at) stephanytaddeo (dot) com.

YLEOC - stephany taddeo

i am excited to get back to my roots…what i am passionate about. and, you can be sure there will be more creating and thrifting involved in this journey…both are integral parts of my green living.

home is…living green.

6 thoughts on “hippie at heart

  1. Rick Taddeo says:

    Very interesting, Missy. Amusing the way society eventually catches up with good ideas. Good luck on this latest journey. PS—Use frickin capital letters at beginning of sentences,!!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Cheyanne says:

    I’m trying DESPERATELY to get our office to be more “green” and environmentally safe for our employees. My absolute biggest pet-peeve is commercial air fresheners. Granted, I have a severe allergy to them, but they are absolutely disgusting!!! I’ve even made some homemade air fresheners using my oils but still, the people “at the top” (lol) don’t want to switch. I am excited that you will be working with teachers and schools!

  3. Jennifer T Webb says:

    “Tis an honorable path thee have chosen” and I do believe that being in a state of grace is doing that which is blessed by God and humanity. You have the skills and ambition that certainly make a difference where you show up, which is the secret of action and folks should give themselves more credit for getting up every morning and going out and taking care of business. I am sure that every time you leave the house, it is an adventure, because you let your light shine and share the good news about what is right and it is certainly clear to some of us the abomination of artificial.

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